Book Reviews




Books have been my passion for a long time. From the rented books in the street-shops to the local libraries to the warm and snuggled reading of kindle and hard-bound books, I have tried and experimented with all kinds of reading space. I won’t say I’ve experimented with all kinds of books as well, but I’m trying to broaden my horizon. Romance has been and will always be my first love, closely followed by Fantasy, but I enjoy anything which is interesting. The only genre I avoid reading is horror because it gives me too many nightmares.

The reviews included here might not always be starry, but they’ll always be honest. I won’t be rude, neither do I intend to bash the authors. They have my highest respect for starting and finishing the book(which I haven’t been able to do yet!), and publishing it. But if I dislike the book and feel that there’s something missing, I’ll point it out. As I said in my About page too, I’m an opinionated person.

Also, it’s very much possible that some of my experiences differ from yours. I’ve learnt that art has a different way of speaking to each person. A same book can instigate love in one person, while disgusting  someone else. So who knows, maybe the book which did not appeal to me might actually turn out to be your favorite.

Rating System

One star

It was so boring that I either didn’t finish it or was zoned out to some other story while reading it.

Two Stars

I did finish the book, but it was not worth the time. I also might have skipped pages while reading it. 

Three Stars

An OK book. I forgot about it as soon as I read it. 

Four Stars

A good read which engaged me completely. I was stunned and so absorbed into reading it that I even forgot to eat.

Five Stars

A book which I’ll keep and reread again and again. The book with this star rating will stay with me for many years to come. 

Affiliation and Links

I know the frustration of reading about a book and wanting to order it immediately. I also remember how many times I forgot about a book I wanted to read.

I’ll try to link all the covers to the Goodreads pages of book so that you can add it to your shelves. The purchase link from two of my favorite Indian book shopping sites (Flipkart and Amazon) will also be included in the posts.  I’ll like to clarify that if you purchase a book from one of the links mentioned, I will earn a little bit of money(vouchers? I’m not so sure. I haven’t tried it yet; I just have a basic idea about how it works.) If I ever got something, I’ll surely make a big post about it, and splurge it back either on blog or books. 😉

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