FrostBite by Joshua Bader

Frostbite (Modern Knights #1)


Books’ Name: FrostBite

Author’s Name: Joshua Bader

Publisher: City Owl Press

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Colin Fisher is a young man with a lot of problems on his plate: a dying father, a dead car doubling as a home, and a mysteriously disappeared fiancée. You’d think with a magical inclination he’d be able to turn it all around, but not so much.

Yet his bad luck appears to be on the way out when the CEO of a multinational corporation offers him a job. It’s a sweet gig as a personal wizard with a fat paycheck. It just has one catch. The paranoid CEO isn’t a mere hypochondriac, he’s been hexed with an authentic ancient curse.

Now Colin is the only thing standing between his new boss and a frozen bundle of fangs, claws, and rage. If he can’t stop the cannibal ice demon in time to save his new boss, it’ll be back to living out of his dead car. That is, if he even survives the battle.


Frostbite was a netgalley book—and a very interesting one at that. I was attracted to the book because of its blurb. I mean how cool it is to have one’s personal wizard? If I had one, I would make him/her do all the work of cleaning, washing etc. (Okay, I do have a maid for all that), but a personal wizard will be far more interesting. So, I wanted to see what does the personal wizard do in the book.

But in reality, this story is more than the story of a personal wizard. The story is fast-paced and quite interesting journey of a vagabond wizard to the realization of why he became the wizard. The story has a lot of world-building which happens along with the story as we discover the new world with the Wizard Colin Fisher himself.

What I liked

Fast-Pace: The story is written in quite a fast pace. This fast pace keeps the readers engaged throughout the story. You won’t feel that the story is dragging too much.

World-Building: Very few books are able to make the reader believe the world they are building is possible. This story truly does establish that belief and hence it made the book more interesting for me.

Magic: The interesting way the magic is used made me smile in the book. It is creative and innovative.

What I disliked

Unanswered questions/underutilized characters: There are some characters which just touch and go like the lake faerie. I wish there was more to these characters and their roles in the story Probably the reason for these characters are in the coming novel, but for now they feel underutilized and fillers (which one doesn’t notice because of the pace of the story, but I still wanted to know why they were in the story like what is their long-term purpose.)

Overall opinion

It is an interesting book which sets the stage for the coming sequel. You won’t find the main story incomplete in this part of the book, but it leaves the readers with enough thirst to wait for the next part and see what exactly is going to happen. It is like you have decided to enter a dungeon and this is the first room, and you are really curious to know what was the reason author pulled you in this dungeon.

Definitely a must-read for the fans who enjoy such fantasy.

My ratings:

Four Stars

Deceptive Cadence– A book review

I got this book from NetGalley(my first NetGalley book I was able to download! Before this I could not make out how to use the website. So, yay me!). I selected this book because I loved the subject of the book– of going back into the time and living the high school life once again. And honestly, I was not disappointed.


Deceptive Cadence

Book’s Name: Deceptive Cadence

Author’s Name: Katie Hamstead

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This book is about a girl named Cadence who suffers sudden loss of her husband and her little daughter. She is broken and is suffering from the trauma when she gets a chance to go 11 year back in time. (I am wondering why did the author select 11 year as the time to go back? It never was mentioned in the story.) She ends up in high school and tries to live her life so that the things are changed and that accident does not happen.

While living the teenage life again, she is allowed to keep her memories intact so that she can make the decision in accordingly. But despite knowing this, she meets a guy, James, she is unable to resist. It is the story of how she changes her lifestyle when all the things changed.

What I loved

  1. The Concept: I don’t know about you but I have wondered many times how things will change if I get to live the past again, especially the teenage years. I have wondered this thing about millions of people– those who have good life now, those who made mistakes and are suffering for them, and even those who are my in my never-talk-to list now. I loved that the author touched the subject and she did show the behavior being altered with the wisdom of future.
  2. Complicated Romance: Again, another of enjoyable topic. It touches the question of loyalty something which has not yet happened, but is going to happen. The conflict between teenager Cadence’s loyalty to her future, and her desires in the present(past!) is shown nicely and adds a different dimension to the romance. I could feel Cadence’s confusion in the story and her struggle to align the present and future.

What I disliked

  1. Ending: I know cliffhanger endings are all in vogue and it ensures that the readers will purchase the second book, I still do not enjoy them. I want the story I started reading to end by the end of the book. I wish it had.
  2. Unnecessary Details: I do not have paragraphs to highlight for this, but sometimes, while reading the book I kept on feeling that the story was being dragged unnecessarily, the things could have been shortened considerably. This is true for Cadence and James romance where the author felt like focusing on their everyday life more and more.

Overall Opinion

This is the first time I have read this author, but I enjoyed the concept of the plot and the various question it asked. I also enjoyed the book as I struggled to make right decision while imagining myself in Cadence shoes. It is a fun book and I will definitely read the second part to know the story. In fact this might be the only book which want me to interview the author to understand the motivation behind certain points of the book.

Three Stars

Questions For my readers:

Have you guys ever thought about having the power to change the past? In fact, if you know the future and are allowed to go in past time of your life, will you change the thing?

Landline By Rainbow Rowell : A Book Review

I was wondering where to start my reading journey of 2015 from. That was then I remembered Landline in my TBR list. A Goodread winner always incites the curiosity but if it’s from the author you’ve read before, the excitement to read the book doubles up. Same thing happened with me too.

LandLine Cover

Author’s Name: Rainbow Rowell

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Georgie McCool knows her marriage is in trouble;it has been in trouble for a long time. She still loves her husband, Neal, and Neal still loves her, deeply — but that almost seems beside the point now.

Maybe that was always beside the point.

Two days before they’re supposed to visit Neal’s family in Omaha for Christmas, Georgie tells Neal that she can’t go. She’s a TV writer, and something’s come up on her show; she has to stay in Los Angeles. She knows that Neal will be upset with her — Neal is always a little upset with Georgie — but she doesn’t expect him to pack up the kids and go home without her.

When her husband and the kids leave for the airport, Georgie wonders if she’s finally done it. If she’s ruined everything.

That night, Georgie discovers a way to communicate with Neal in the past. It’s not time travel, not exactly, but she feels like she’s been given an opportunity to fix her marriage before it starts . . .

Is that what she’s supposed to do?

Or would Georgie and Neal be better off if their marriage never happened?

This book is the story about Georgie and Neal who have been married for many years and their marriage is on rocks. The time comes when Georgie decides to select her career instead of celebrating Christmas in Omaha. When Neal leaves, Georgie is left with the question whether the relationship is over. And then she finds the old landline phone which help us communicate with Neal of the past. It’s fantasy mixed with romance and reality.

What I liked

1) Non-stereotypical characters: It’s not a book which portrays men as the bread earner and the women as the home-maker. Georgie is the kind of career oriented women who struggles to juggle the time between the families. I loved that Georgie is shown with not traditional-motherly habits. There have been many books with perfect women but there are very rare books with imperfect women.

2) Time Jumps : This was a bit difficult to navigate style but in the end, it gave me glimpses of both past and present and immersed me in the story.


What I did not like

Slow Plot: This is not really a complaint because, in a way, this made the book more intense, but somehow, I wanted the book to move faster. I’ve no idea how she could have achieved that, but that is what I wanted in some sections of the book.


Final Thoughts

I know many people who don’t believe in fate, but the way this book portrays magic and fate made me feel happy. There is a kind of satisfaction in even imagining that despite of all the mistake we make, we’ll be able to reach a path designated for us.It might sound like a lazy way out, but sometimes, our 100% is not enough, and happiness still seem like a distant dream after our efforts. There is some peace in knowing that fate will take its course.

Of course like all stories of Rainbow Rowell, this book will absorb you in itself, but this is kind of hit or miss book. Either one will associate with it, or one will find it complete drivel. In my case, as you might have guessed, it was a hit. I enjoyed reading through ups and downs of Georgie’s life. Although I won’t call it the “best fiction of 2014”, it was an interesting read.


My Rating

Four Stars

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Ocean at the end of the laneBook’s Name : The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Author’s Name: Neil Gaiman

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I’m unable to decide whether it’s a story meant for children or grown-ups. As I sit thinking about the book, the eight year old in me– the one who made books her friends, the one whose ideas were simple, the one who believed that existence of fairies is possible– is surfacing again. But then the adult in me is telling me that I won’t be able to appreciate the nostalgia if I hadn’t grown up first.

So I don’t who are better suited audience for the book. The book, from what I’ve heard, is directed at adults, but I believe that even teenagers(if not children) will enjoy it.


Gaiman’s narrator is an unnamed English man in his forties, who returns to his childhood home and  is drawn to familiar places which he has not seen for ages, and which evoke memories long buried. He ends up by the house of his childhood friend, Lettie Hempstock, and remembers when he was seven years old and how Lettie used to call the pond beside her house an ocean. Then comes the story of what happened when he was seven years old. Layer by layer, the dust from the past is removed and the complete picture is shown, and we, the readers, dive into the realm of fantasy.

What I liked

1) Magical Fantasy: Gaiman has used a perfect language to express fantasy. In fact, the memory are so layered that for one moment, I forgot that it’s not real incident, but of some fantastical event. The line between reality and fantasy are blurred so well that I was actually on the travelling in the mind of the narrator.

2) Prose: Excellent. The book has so much gravity and depth that I can keep on posting quotes throughout the review and still won’t be able to do justice to its beauty. The book shows why Neil Gaiman is considered a master of craft. Each sentence, each words flow in the mind creating a sharp image of our reality and book’s fantasy. 

This doesn’t seem enough because the book was a treat for my mind. But then sometimes, words cannot express how the book makes you feel. You need to read it to understand the feeling. I was rendered speechless by the book. I finished it two days ago, but I’m still brooding about what I read.

What irked me

Closure : The book shows the other characters too. Father, mother, and sister. I finally didn’t get the closure on his relationship with them. We know what happens with Hempstocks, but then how does the event influence his relation with his parents?

Overall Opinion

I loved the book. The review is short not because the book is not good, but because it had rendered me totally speechless. I want to read it again and then again probably to soak in the beauty of its language. 


Five Stars