The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

ianBook’s Name: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

Author’s Name: Jennifer Ashley

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I am Historical Romance fanatic. There was a time when I’d read five historical romance novels a day. I’d go on reading and reading and reading.  This was the first genre I started reading as an adult, and I think it’s a genre which left the deepest impact on me.  I still fall back to the genre whenever I’m too tired of all the other books or life in general. 

Anyway, it’s difficult to surprise me with a Historical Romance, but the hero with Asperger’s Syndrome  did surprise me.


Mad Lord Ian Mackenzie has been in asylum for most of his young life. Sometime later, when he has been released from asylum and have settled in the society, he meets a young Widow, Beth. They fall in lust almost instantly, and Ian manages to woo her into an affair ( an marriage too). But the plot hinges on a murder mystery, and the fact that Ian believes that he gets fits of rages. He doesn’t allow Beth to come too near because she might get burned by these rages.

The best part of the plot was that nobody was actually sure if Ian’s Mad or not– not his brothers, not the world, and not he himself.

What I liked

Ian Mackenzie– An amazing character, and the one who carries the book on his shoulders. He’s one of the few historical character with flaws. He suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and is considered quite mad. I had wondered how the author will manage to show his POV, but that’s also quite well done. The following quote from the book is what I felt when I read his POV.

The trouble with Ian Mackenzie’s questions was that he asked the unanswerable. And yet she should know how to answer—everyone should. But they couldn’t, because everyone simply knew. Everyone except Ian.

Ian Mackenzie- Wait, writing it twice won’t express that I loved him, or will it?

Ian Mackenzie- I am wondering if writing it three times will mean that the hero was absolutely adorable.

Ming Vases– A very different and unique hobby,  collecting Ming vases. Though Ian’s obsession with them feel quite real, I liked it for the way it’s portrayed in the book. I could feel Ian’s desire for the Ming Vase  was like my own desire for a certain book.

What irked me

Love at first sight–  One day, I’ll get the hang of the logic behind the love at first sight, but till then I’ll keep it in the “What Irked Me” list. 

Sequel Characters–  I believe in one set of characters for a book. Unless it’s masterfully handled, when the whole family and their stories are introduced, it distracts me to no end. 

Letters to herself– I’m a person who is in love with letters and diary entries. I don’t find anything more touching than the romance via words. But the diary entries by Beth, the heroine, felt like a filler to me, or may be a way to add in some sex to the story.

Overall Opinion

Despite the above mentioned things I didn’t like, I think one should read the book if only to sample the craziness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. Did I already say that I loved him as a hero?


Four Stars