Sunset Blvd. – A Movie Review

Sunset BlvdSunset Blvd.

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Sometime ago, Heath from heath109109 recommended me this movie. I was a bit skeptical about it as it didn’t feel like my kind of romance. But I gave it a try yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The story is bizarre and weird, yet it involved me so completely that I didn’t even realize that some two hours had passed. The movie portrays once-famous actress, Norma Desmond, who despite of being faded into obscurity, clings to her image of being a superstar. She lives in a crumbling mansion with her butler and never ventures out to preserve her illusions. A struggling writer adopts Norma as a sugar-mom, and then tries to free himself from the arrangement.

I loved how stoic both Max, the butler, and Norma Desmond looked. The hypnotizing background score, the way the actress, Gloria Swanson, carried herself, the shrine of the bedroom, the lockless doors–all were fantastic, but the best part was the voice-over. It was like a melody in itself for the ears. What an amazing script and voice!

And that end, when she walks down the stairs with cameras rolling, brought tears to my eyes. The movie left me wondering how far a small delusion can take us, and how much we can do to maintain the delusions of those we love.

Final thoughts: Would the movie have ended the same way if there was no Max– if there was nothing to fuel those mad desires?


Truly a classic. Thanks for suggesting the movie, Heath.