How will I ask “Will you be my Valentine?”

No, I’ve not lost my mind.

No, I’m not trying to propose anyone through this post.In fact, I don’t have a crush right now, else I would have asked the question directly through the post itself.

This topic appeared on Indiblogger on behalf of  Cupid games and I almost died giggling– not because I find the question funny, but because it reminded me of when I really popped it up ten years ago. Poor guy never had a chance to say no as I’ve asked before the whole class 😛

But with time, people too change. If you ask me today, how I’d propose my crush– my answer will be different from what I did last time although even that was nothing more than blurting out before the whole class and making a cake of myself.

I am not an exhibitionist by nature. I like to act more like a silent force of nature, pulling everyone as I want. And the age has made me a bit more outright, a bit more confident, and of course, a bit more vary of the rejection. So, even though Close-up believes bolder is better, I will veer towards the personal confession and that too without any drama or show off.

So, let me weave the scene now. Since I’m not the kind of person who could/would ask this question to a random person, the further story assumes that I’m already friends with the person.

28 January is my birthday, which sounds like a convenient time to ask for the valentine date. Since every birthday is supposed to involve party, I’ll probably invite the person out for a dinner in some place which needs a long drive, Murthal or something of sorts. The first part of the drive will be like usual conversations between friends, but the return drive will be my time to ask the question. I love drives– it doesn’t matter who’s driving–me or him, but I personally think that a drive is the easiest way to create the right atmosphere. I won’t have to look at the face directly as one of us will be driving which will make asking the question easier, and since it’s the night time, I don’t need to worry about my blush being noted as well. 😛 (I might talk a lot, but at the core, I’m a very shy person)

The timing of the question will be at the end of the drive so I don’t have to react immediately to the answer. If it’s a yes, then I can smile and dance and message to my heart’s content later on, and if it’s a no, I can cry my eyes out without further embarrassing myself.

I know it is not as sensational answer as one will expect out of a romance reader like me, and probably things will turn out differently. It depends on the extent of emotional involvement– as I already said, I can even propose through a post like this, but this sounds like my most ideal, level-headed dream.

Now I only need to find the crush before 28. 😛