Mystery Man

Mystery ManBook’s Name: Mystery Man

Author’s Name: Kristen Ashley

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Sometimes when time gets heavy, I go into random book style. This is one such book I purchased on a random purchase spree. It makes me feel that I wasted my time. It’s not that I don’t love a chicklit, but as I read the book I wanted to go inside the pages of the book and shake some sense in heroine. How could a female be shown as so hairbrained? I’d have given the heroine a pass too, if the story had started making some sense at some point. But sadly, it didn’t.


Gwen, the heroine of the novel, meets a guy in a bar at some point and she hooks up with him for one night. Then the guy started coming to her house in the dead of the night, but she doesn’t even know his name. After one and a half year of such arrangements, her sister gets into trouble dragging Gwen into the world where murder and mayhems are quite common. That’s when she meets two other suitors(admirers?) for her. Then her mystery man shows to protect her.  The story goes on about showing how the three men save her and her sister’s life.

What I liked

This is quite a difficult question to answer.

Humor– I think this was the saving grace of the book. There is some good humor and dialogues in the book. Despite of absurd storyline, I couldn’t help but smile while reading the book.

What irked me

Gwen, the heroine– First of all, you carried on an affair with the man whose name you didn’t know for one and a half year. That I am ready to accept because we all do stupid things in throes of passion. But it must have taken exceptional courage(or heightened ignorance) as that man broke into your house every night to meet you. I understand, passion and all. You even had unprotected sex with that unknown man. I was actually hyperventilating about your health when I read that. But I wanted to beg you to be a bit mature when you refused to ask his actual profession till the end.

Obsession with hunks– I, like any sane woman, like reading about alpha men. But I get serious issues when all three great alpha males fell for the same stupid woman. It takes away my trust in the world. How on the earth are intelligent woman(like me) to snag man?

Baby me no more– I know this goes with the chicklit, but how many times can one call the other person baby. I rolled my eyes everytime I read a “Baby” and then stopped rolling it because my eyes were getting a tic.

The use of Then– There were just too many thens in the story. Then this happened. Then that happened. And then nothing happened.

Overall Opinion

There are many people who actually adore this book. They found the hero swoon worthy and heroine cute. So, probably this book was just not meant for me. Or maybe I wasn’t meant for the book. There are rare times when the books don’t absorb me, and sadly, this was one such time. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the next book.


Two Stars