Can someone loan me Gupta Family?

Have you ever read a book or watched a series throughout the night and then entered bleary eyed in the kitchen in search of a decent breakfast? If your answer is no, I will call you wise and pat your back.

But sadly my answer to the question is yes. I have spent the nights doing either reading marathon or a series marathon and then searched the kitchen for breakfast. This sometimes involved cooking with half-closed eyes because breakfast is a very important meal for me. I can go whole day without food, but not without breakfast.

Today morning was one such kind of morning. I spent my whole night marathoning  a Korean series called Answer me 1997(more on that in coming posts) and then ransacked my pantry for something to eat. Finally I was able to find oats and locate milk to make an edible and quick breakfast. (Yes, cooking oats is also called cooking.)

These kinds of days are the time when I wish for a restaurant that delivers food at 5 or 6 in the morning (I am an early riser even when I haven’t slept for whole night),a place where I can order something healthier than chole bhature and kachori that early. And that is when I saw this advertisement.

This ad is of Gupta family who is as addicted to breakfast as me and loves the variety in their food. They are using Kellogg cornflakes and have come up with recipes which are healthy, hearty and tasty. As the ad continued, I looked at my bland oats and milk combo and wished to be with Gupta family to enjoy the scrumptious dishes served on their table.

How nice it would be if someone invited me for the breakfast on such days? Or may be I can take that family on loan for making creative breakfast? Or as my friend PariKnitha of Fashionoire says, I should keep a part time husband for cooking the breakfast (She actually said that she should keep a part-time husband for cooking dinner, but I stole her lines.)

Because even when I am not on night-watch, I still am rushing for office and sometimes,  I have to make do with plain, old sandwiches. The lucky days are the one when I manage to get up in time and cook something elaborate and tasty.

Can someone please loan me Gupta family which creates creative breakfasts or ask them to adopt me for breakfasts?Or they can cook and parcel me their healthy breakfast packet every morning at 6?

(If you are wondering why have I not kept a maid for this purpose yet, you haven’t faced the morning rush to office along with the wait for the maid. This is a combination bound to burn your tongue with thousand swear words.)