H=Hogwarts from Harry Potter Series

Hogwarts does not need any introduction. If you have ever read Harry Potter or maybe even watched any of the movie, you would remember Hogwarts. So, this is going to be a short post.

When I first read about Hogwarts, the best thing for me about the school was the sense of discovery. There are so many rooms, so much of magic in those halls that even teachers and guardians did not know what could be uncovered. The Great Hall, the different houses and their common rooms, the moving staircases, the flying ghosts, the paintings which could talk– I could go on and on and on.

Hogwarts is a school, but not in the traditional sense. It allows you to learn and grow and most importantly, explore. There are places like Chamber of Secrets which were untouched. The exploration was so much the part of the school that there was a whole Marauder Map which could track people.

Lastly, I would like to mention Hogwarts library where so many books were available. Every time, I read about Hogwarts, I wondered if there is a letter which is going to come for me too, even during this late age.

Hogwarts is a dream-school, despite being dangerous, it is a place which I would love to explore if given a chance.


H=Harry Potter

H for me is equal to Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series didn’t change my life. It didn’t change my thoughts, but it provided me a dream world to live in. I was in college when the books became all rage. I neither had the money to buy those book, not the inclination to dive in the fantasy. But then one of my travel companion loaned it to me. I read it in that random bus ride. By the time, my home came, I was halfway through that book. Next day, I was in the same bus and was able to finish the book. Second book was loaned like this. Third book was loaned like this. But by the time I reached at the fourth book, the travel companion’s transfer letter came, and she left. So then I decided to beg my parents for those books on my birthday. It was at fourth book I guess. 


This book left me mesmerized by its magic and creatures, by its amazing yet so normal world. It gave me characters which were not happy, but were able to find happiness. And it gave me Tom Riddle– a neglected yet adorable villain. I fell in love with him in Chamber of Secrets. As he told about Ginny pouring her words, I gave my heart to him. 

The book gave me laughter and sorrow at many points. I yearned for friends like Ron and Hermoine and a teacher/guide like Dumbledore.  I wished for a caretaker like Hagrid. 

The best thing about the book was the plotting. One sentence said in second book would go and join itself to the fourth book. Dobby, a small elf, goes and becomes a hero in the end. I was awed by how author strung the story together, how all the events were connected. There wasn’t even a single loose thread. Every event, every word had a meaning. 

I call this as my bus stand book as I read first five books on the bus stands. I would miss the bus after bus, just to finish one chapter. I missed classes because I was taking lessons at Hogwarts. I even bunked office once to finish the last installment of the book. (Shh, it’s a secret!)