Monday Musing 16 Jan, 2017

Today is Monday, and for a change I remember it is Monday on Monday which is quite a rare thing. Monday is such a busy day that I tend to forget that I have to write about anything. The concept of musing is such good.

Do you guys ever talk to yourself? I am in a habit of doing so, especially when I am afraid or nervous. I can have the whole conversation with myself. I cannot recall when this started but I am perfectly okay talking to myself. No, I am not an introvert. I do talk to other people too, but talking to myself has a special appeal

This musing today is brought by the book I recently finished. The book is called “The Girl You Left Behind“. And the theme of today’s musing is “Royally Unfated People”. There is no term as such like this anywhere, but this phrase defines it well the couple I want to talk about. There are two people in the world. They meet, they realize they are perfect each other, and then all the hell breaks loose. The whole universe conspires to separate them. It can be the avalanche of miscommunication for them, or it could be some other trope like enmity, already happy life, or maybe presence of some villain.

There are just so many stories like that out there. Such stories make me think more because I have seen this happening in real life too. Both guy and girl met, decided to be together, but whenever they met there was a miscommunication waiting to screw up the progress that they had made. All they could do was argue at their own point, and in the end they were left scratching their head over what went wrong. Back to square 1.

This book, The Girl You Left Behind, involved two storylines– one in the present and one in the time of first world war. One of the stories is like that “Unfatefully together” sort of thing, although since it is the book, happy ending does happen. But it just made me think. Some of the relationships are just not meant to be. I am really a glass-half-full person, but still sometimes, I do think there are unfated relationships– in stories, in real lives, everywhere. “Just not meant to be” seems like such a surgical term to express them, but they are there.

I guess I veered out too much. The book review will be coming up soon. Have a great week!