Time Out Thursday: Because This Is My First Life: A Drama Review

This is not a office blog meme sort of thing, but this is something I have been wanting to do for sometimes. Sometimes, I come across things that I want to talk about– the weird things, the ones which does not move around in the world of writing or novels, or maybe they do, but they just don’t suit any categories. Rather than curbing my fascination with these things, I have decided to incorporate them here.

This is not the first time I am doing it, but this is the first time it is coming under some category. Today I want to talk about a Korean Drama called “Because This is Our First Life” (Long title, I know!).

This is a Korean drama involving Lee Min Ki  (and a heroine, who was awesome, but whose name I am lazy to pick up. Nobody measures to Lee Min Ki). So this hero is a very meticulous nerdy sort of person who keeps a distance between himself and the world. In fact, his theory is that he just needs his cat and his house.  And to this, our female character comes as a tenant. It is romantic comedy, of course, but it so thoughtful.

It is a drama which is filled with so much of wisdom and nuances. I cannot explain the drama without spoiling it completely.  There was this one episode when everything was so hopeless for the heroine–she had lost almost everything except for will (and of course, she meets the hero of the story then), but this line resonated with me so much!

“When I decided to follow my dream, I thought my life would be like walking through a dark tunnel. But I didn’t know it was going to be this dark. I didn’t know it was going to be this lonely. How much longer do I have to keep going?”

And then there was this poem, which was the gist of every relationship in life

Meeting someone in life is actually something very astonishing.

That’s because they bring with themselves their past, present and future

That’s because someone’s whole life comes along.

The heart is fragile.

It might have been broken.

That heart is coming too.

I know this is not a traditional poem and is translated from Korean by someone who might not have even got the right essence. But it is just so much true, and it is like the true beauty of every relationship on the show.

This is one show which made me jump on the sofa like a kid with a candy. I clapped, I danced, I cried, and then I cried some more. I hated the ending, but yet, it is a drama which is going to live in my heart for a long time. This drama introduced me to a Doris Lessing and her book called “To Room Nineteen”, and I still can’t believe that I  have gushed so much about a drama.