Monday Musings: The Shipping Wars

My musing is actually a musing today. ūüėõ

I have always wondered about the shipping wars, and how people get so involved in the characters that they are all ready to slay everyone with words for the shipping of their favourite couples.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I love watching Korean serials. This time my favourite serial had been Reply Me 1988 which focused on the teenage love for the kids of 1988. I was so crazy about it that I binge watched 2 hours long episode without moving even once from my seat. So, like every teenage romance, this has a love triangle which was not resolved till the very end of the series. The whole Kdramas fan were on pins and needles to know who is the heroine going to select. And there was shit-talk– a lot of it. One shipping fans at the throat of other shipping fans. If one searched for the tweets during the last episodes, all that could be seen was the resentment that one shipping did not work or the joy that the other shipping couple worked. My first time seeing the Twitter war.

Today I was going through the profile of author Sarah J. Mass¬†to know the release date of the next book of series of Throne of Glass, and I saw the people fighting over who should get the¬†heroine in end. This is square(or probably a parallelogram kind of series with till now three love interests of heroine) and everybody had their own views. They were quite civilized, unlike Reply Me fans, but it made me wonder: does shipping really matter? I mean I am okay with whoever the heroine selects, provided that is how the story is written. It doesn’t really matter to me who gets the heroine in either of the cases if the romance is well-built.

Does that mean I am less invested in the characters? I don’t know. For me character arcs should progress well. Of course, I might have been a little miffed if Katniss had gone with wrong person in Hunger Games, but I do not consider myself as the shipping couple kind of person.

Do you participate in shipping wars of the couple? Does it really matters who gets whom in the end?


Monday Musings: Series Books

Ha! Here I am again with a Monday rant. And this rant is about the series books. The series books are quite common phenomenon these days, especially if it is fantasy. I guess it does not make any sense to develop the whole world for one book only. Probably it is not possible to work the whole kingdom’s story in the book. I can name many, many series which I have read and I have enjoyed like the Harry Potter saga, Kingkiller Chronicles, GOT, LOTR– I’m just naming the common ones here to get my point across. And then I have read the fluffy romance series like Bridgeton series, Duchess series which do not need to stand on the stones laid by the previous books. And then there are series like the Psy-Changeling series which are in between the two(And which inspired today’s rant).

I rarely review series books on my blog, because in my opinion a series book rarely stands alone. It is complemented/supplemented by the books before and after it. It might come any time in the storyline, but the history developed in the beginning and the ending(definitely the ending) also matters. Sometimes, the middle drags while the beginning is brilliant (Hunger games, I am looking at you here!).Then how do we judge these books? On the basis of the series? Or on the basis of individual book?

The rant is inspired by Nalini Singh’s latest addition to Psy-Changeling series, Allegiance of Honor.

I love Psy-changeling series. I love Kaleb, the action, the romance and the world building. When this new book came up, I was excited. 15th book in the series, definitely should be awesome. And it said that it will take us back to the past characters as well. Cue the excitement music.

But then I read the book and realized the book is a bridge, a filler of sorts to take us to the next level in the series. I am disappointed– not by the series yet, but by the book, even after getting the necessity of such a bridge. A book should not have 478 pages which act as a bridge.

That’s the problem with the series. Either they start sounding similar (I phrased a word called series-ennui for this :-P). Or they end up sizzling down the whole beautiful world created in them, or they drag on so much. Or one is waiting ever and forever for the next book to be released (Patrick Rothfuss– I love your writing, but I’m tired of waiting).

It’s like you can’t hate them, nor you can love them.

A Monday Musing, A Tuesday Tantrum and Turning into an Accidental Wallflower

I did tell you once that I won’t ever remember writing the musings on Monday, didn’t I?
Today is not Monday, but this is still a musing or more like a tantrum. I should call This Mumbai Tantrum, although again it is not really the fault of the city.
Recently I read a book called Diary of An Accidental Wallflower. In the book, the main heroine somehow twists her ankle and then has to sit on sidelines while her friends dance and try to take away her chance with the Duke of that time. And she ends up realizing that she liked her physician more than she loved the Duke, and that those she considered her as a friend were actually backstabbing bitches.
This post is not about the romance, but about being a wallflower. I have never been a wallflower (except probably when I was in Class 11 and 12, but I am not sure what people’s perception was at that time!) I am the kind of person who can speak non-stop and to everyone. I do not join the crowd because I hate to be the part of unnecessary drama, but I never felt that I was someone ignored or not seen or not talked to.
But since I shifted to Mumbai, I have this feeling that I am shrinking away from the world and more into myself(Verdict is still out on whether I am expanding or not!), especially in my new office. I know you will be thinking that it is a new city and new people and things like exclusion are bound to happen. But the problem is that I have stopped liking the people.
We are bunch of around 60 people who shifted from Delhi, some of them seniors, some of them juniors. If I guess the number of my-age-group people, there are around 20 such people. And I have none–not even a single one to invite for lunch or to sit beside to share my lunch. Part of the problem is that all my friends changed the jobs and this bunch of people never became my friend during my Delhi stint as well. But there is another part of the problem too.
During lunch we have a restaurant type cafeteria where each square table has four chairs. Now one will expect that the people will settle themselves  and occupy four or five tables. But what ends up happening is they all adjust themselves on two tables. Each table has some six to eight people(the table size is not changed because we are not allowed to move those tables). I initially sat in these group and ended up either elbowing people or being elbowed or once, even elbowing a glass of water. Worse than it was the conversation which always circled around the point how much better we were in our initial location and how Mumbai is too expensive and how company is still mistreating us and how bosses are not doing anything etc. etc. I can bear cribbing, but hearing the same thing daily is a pain.
And that is why I stopped being the part of the group. I started sharing tables with the random strangers from the office. These strangers talk among themselves and I just let the noise wash over me. Initially I felt bad about how my colleagues from the previous location did not call me when they were going to cafeteria and used to wonder if I should join them. But now, over the period of three months, I have realized that I really don’t like sitting with them. I feel as out of place with them as I am with those random strangers–more so because I feel guilty that I am not adding to the nonsense complaints being voiced out. At least with the strangers, I am not required to make unnecessary small talks.
Dictionary defines wallflower as “a shy or excluded person at a dance or party, especially a girl without a partner.” I am not shy, excluded, yes, but that is more of a mix of multiple reasons.
Does that mean I am wallflower now? Or am I truly shrinking? Is that how the wallflower used to become wallflower? Because they were different, and because they were not really interested in the activities of the ton?

And this just reminds me of another book I loved, “The Perks of Being Wallflower“. Now I am still struggling to know whether I am a wallflower yet or not, or if it is good to be in that position or not, but I do feeling that Charlie’s lines from the letter suited me too.
I will end this post with the though from the book itself: ‚ÄúI wanted to laugh. Or maybe get mad. Or maybe shrug at how strange everyone was, especially me.‚ÄĚ

Second Chances: A Monday Musing (Feb 16)

I know I have forgotten to put my musings on Monday, but I always remember to post my musing on some other day, then decide to wait for Monday and finally end up forgetting it.

Made sense? No? Don’t worry. My thoughts rarely make sense.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, the Musing Monday is a weekly meme hosted at Should be Reading wherein we are asked to talk about the book we are reading, and well since I love musing, the post tend to turn into something else.

These days I am re-reading Judith Mcnaught’s book called Perfect. ¬†I adore this book. I have read it many times, but its story moves me every time I read it. This time, this story about second opportunities came along with my friend sharing her V-Day pics in which she had prepared a whole room and everything for her husband. It was all very sweet, except for one fact that this is¬†their second chance. Her husband had been violent towards her in past and had turned over to a new leaf(her words, not mine). They had been fighting for divorce just one and a half year back, and now she prepared a valentine day’s surprise for him.

This left me wondering that was it possible to forgive past transgressions just because you love someone? To what extent one can make peace with the past? The characters of Judith Macnaught novel have to travel only through the blames, but my dear friend even forgave her husband for all that violence and heartbreak.

I seem to have wandered in some tangent here; I guess that’s what my musing is all about– is it really possible to forgive someone or is it just a compromise?

Laundry and the traditional role of women– My Monday Musing.

My Monday musing for today is inspired by the book I¬†had recently read¬†called “The Guest” and the Korean serial I’m watching called Misaeng. Both the things show the struggle of working women ¬†with their personal lives. While book’s main focus is the adjustments between the newly wedded couple, the series focus on work-home balance.

Then, the group Blogadda came up with a contest called #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob, and this musing was originated.

We live in a world¬†where both men and women work, where sometimes women earn more than men– but when both come home at the same time, it’s the women’s duty to make that tea, or when it comes to household chores (and this includes managing the servants/maids as well), it’s a women’s responsibility.

When I was a kid, the first thing that was instilled in me was that studies are very important, but equally important is to learn the household work. My mom used to say that I’ll have to know these household chores even if I take the post of President of India or of world. Her words till date are: “Work is at its place, but you would never be able to delegate the responsibility of these chores on anyone else.” And after almost twenty year of this lesson of hers, I know she was right.

Today, when our society is coming out its shell, the scenarios have changed a bit. The husbands and sons have taken some load off the females of the house. But then have they truly taken the load off?

Out of all the household chores, I have seen males (including those associated with my life) wear an apron and don a chef’s hat occasionally. I’ve seen them doing the dishes alongside(rarely alone though), but I haven’t seen them doing the laundry. When the woman of the house is not “at home”, that dirty laundry gets piled waiting for her to arrive. When she’s at home, she’s the one who’s supposed to wrestle with the stains. The maximum help you can expect is that of hanging the laundry to dry, but in that also, you’ll hear grumbles of “what will neighbours say?”

Washing machines have made the job easier, ¬†but then there is still the decision of sorting the clothes according to color, deciding the wash cycles of those machines and then rinsing them is still a female’s job.

I’m not blaming males only for this because like every other thing, it’s a mindset thing. We might believe that we have advanced enough to share the workload of household chores, but we really haven’t. Women still carries the major burden of those chores. Here are a few examples apart from those I mentioned above (I’ve deliberately taken the maid/servants as the examples here because that’s what my brothers argue–that all the work is done by them.) :

1) Both husband and wife have returned after a hectic and tiring day at the same time. Both are sitting and resting themselves. The cook arrives. Who do you think will go to check on the cook in the kitchen?

2) Maid is on leave for a week. Who do you think will bear the major burden of this leave?

3) There is an urgent meeting for the husband. The wife already had her day planned to the last minute. Who will now go and pick up the child from the daycare? Now reverse the situation. Wife gets an urgent meeting call, and husband’s day is already planned. Again, who do you think will sacrifice their work that day?

I am not sure what your answer to above situations were, but these are true and seen situations. In fact, today itself I was arguing with my friend who wanted her wife to be home by 6 so she could take care of the chores. He also wanted her to earn sufficiently as per her qualifications (which are way better than his). So, I do agree with my mum. Women may reach the sky, but then they’ll still have to bear the burden of those chores. They’ll always have more balls to juggle than their male counterparts, and they’ll forever be guilty for neglecting those 1001 things.

So there ends my Monday Musing for today– a bookish-bloggish-serialish–kind of musing.

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.

(IM) Possibility of book-kind romance– Musing Monday (Jan 5, 2015)

Hello all. Musing Monday is  a meme from Should be Reading where in we talk about our bookish rants musings.

The book which induced this rant : Girl from FatehPur

(This is not the book review, but a general view of romance that I read sometimes).

The romance sometimes show quite interesting fairytale-ish kind of things, and every time  I see such things, I am left wondering if this kind of romance is possible or not.

1) Meeting your first crush, recognizing him/her and crushing on them again— My first crush was some 20 years ago (I’m almost 30 in case you’re curious). Then I changed schools and the crush got lost somewhere on the tracks of life. Now suppose if tomorrow I meet him, I’m sure I won’t recognize him, and I’m double sure I won’t even like him because I’ve turned into this awesome diva¬†¬†I know my tastes have changed a lot since then. Moreover, I expect he would be happily married (I know this for sure after as I did research for my post.)

But the way novels portray it, people meet after twenty, thirty or fifty years and still they know each other instantly. Moreover, there is no hesitation in going out with that person. My question is time is huge factor. What if they have turned into terrorist or they have joined some gang or something of that sort?

2) Carrying someone in arms (bride-style) — I know guys are strong and they have worked out in gym picking those weights, but carrying a human is altogether a different deal. Most of the guys I like(d) have been on lighter side as compared to me. I am pretty much sure that they’ll either fall down themselves or break their back if they tried to pick me even for two steps. I have seen guys practicing the lifts in dance (have practiced it myself for a week), and I am pretty much sure that if ever a guy had to carry me, it won’t be a romantic moment.

So I’m left wondering — whether this kind of romance is truly possible? Or if romance novels need an up-gradation on thought process.

Monday Musings(01 Sep,2014)

Musing Monday is a weekly meme from Mizb of ShouldBeReading. It asks us to talk about the books we are going to read or any bookish rant.

These days, there has been a challenge going on on Facebook about your top ten books which stayed with you. You guys have heard a lot about such books during A to Z challenge. ¬†So, that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to share the different kinds of books floating in there. Due to this top ten challenge, I’ve discovered books I had long forgotten about, or the ones which had been relegated to the bottom of the pile for one or the other reason.

And hence I have an unread collection of classics and poetry now. In past three days, I’ve purchased four¬†classics and three poetry(Hindi/Urdu) books. ¬†I’m so very excited to start reading them all. I so wish for the day to have more than 24 hours.

1) Middlemarch 

2) The History of Tom Jones

3) Oliver Twist

4) Gulliver’s Travels


No, I haven’t joined any English course. I am just in the mood for classics. The poetry books are not marked here, because I’m not yet able to locate them on GoodReads. But I’ll share with you the link/translation soon.



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