Monday Musing 301017–To Nano or Not?

Today’s Monday musing is a conversation with my muse, who has decided to go on strike because I’m not ready to listen to her. The word in italics are of my muse, and the words in normal font are mine. Why are we writing this on blog? So that sometime later we have a reference point to start with, and because today is Monday– a day of Muse-ings. *Evil Laughter*

Are you going to give it up or not, Muse? Enough of your tantrum already.

I am not throwing the tantrum. This is more like demanding my rights. I haven’t asked for much, have I? I just want to participate in NaNoWriMo. It’s November. We do this every year. I am just not getting it why you don’t want to play this year too. 

Oh, come on. It’s too discouraging. And you know it. You’re the one who ends up ditching everything and going into hibernation. I’m the one who have to pick up the pieces, who try to pick up the different threads of the stories left abandoned.

I do not go into hibernation every time. We did succeed thrice. Besides, I am the muse. I  have the right to be contrary at times. 

Not once you commit. You have been contrary for a year. Did I say anything to you? Force you to write? No, I didn’t. I just don’t want to be left in lurch with half a story and no end. The characters are going to come out of the stories and kill us both.

Those characters had no life in them–no shades. They were just the shadows. I had to leave them else they would have kissed the soul out of me. Like Dementers, you see. 

You are not going to win by HP references. Dementors, my foot.

They were, the hidden dementors. 

*Rolling my eyes* Fine, they were dementors. What was the last embroidary piece–the one that is still somewhere in your laptop bag? Voldemort himself? And what was that yarn that is struggling in almirah–the one you brought to make a scarf? Forget about those, what’s this blog? The lost Quiddich match?

You are evil, I knew that. You’re picking up on my failures, while I want to write a novel. The story–the slice-of-life story is waiting for me.

Do you even know anything beyond the slice-of-life thing about this so-called novel that you want to write in this November?

Yes, I know. I know that I want to write in this November too. I want to sit at the study table and see out of the windows, and paint those twinkling light in words. I want to sing and dance and to be the fairy Godmother to the characters. I want to write a slice-of-life story about the characters of a colony, a mohalla who have come together to relive their dreams.

Why don’t you get it? There’s no time. Office is crazy. House is a mess. Life is too busy right now.

Let us at least try. We will take it slow. Maybe target lesser words. 

You want to be a Nano rebel?

No. But let us start. We will change our status to rebel later on. 

No way. I am not letting you ditch me again with the incomplete stories. I am not wasting my time with something which is not going to have The End.

Please. Please. Please. Please… (The voice fades in the background)

(And this is what I am muse-ing musing about on this last Monday of October. To Nano or not to Nano is the question. And I don’t know the answer. Not yet!)

P.S.: For uninitiated, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is a creative exercise I have been participating in for past 5 years where one tries to write 50k words of a novel in November. I  have failed twice and succeeded thrice (Third time was a fluke). Check the website out for further details. And no, this is not a sponsored post but a real dilemma right now. To nano, or not to nano. 






Nanowrimo and the month of writing

I love November. The winters are standing at the doorstep and summer is saying goodbye. More than that, I love that it’s the season of Nanowrimo. For those who don’t know,

NANOWRIMO= National Novel Writing Month

Follow for further details.

Three years ago, somebody nudged me towards this site. Till then I had never imagined that I can write a story, forget the novel. But when I saw the site, I argued(with myself, of course) that what’s the harm in joining the site. I was/am a poet first, but then I didn’t have to pay anything to join the site. So, I joined and watched the volley of exchange taking place on the site from the sidelines. By 10th of Nov, the conversations in the site forums had me so excited that I decided to write the story. I had no plot, no idea, nothing, just the wish that I want to join in the fun everyone was having.

I was watching a Hindi TV serial then, and out of the serial, I picked up two supporting characters who only appeared in one episode. There were prompts being posted on the Nano India forum and wordpress blog, and I just answered those prompts. I had fifteen days as I had to go outstation on 25th Nov(which happens almost every year). Within those 15 days, I shaped my characters and wrote 1200-1500 words. I didn’t finish the story, neither did I win Nano that year, but silently I was sucked into writing the world of the characters. I never got the courage to talk to the fellow members that year, but I saw the potential of kinship there. It felt as I’ve come to a place where people were as crazy as me.

That was one year when I was afraid to even start NaNo, and it’s this year when I can’t imagine Nov. without NaNoWriMo. I’m going to write, and if you haven’t joined the bandwagon, dive in the fun. You might not succeed, you might not pen a masterpiece(I haven’t yet!), but then you’ll have the satisfaction of trying to write a novel.

In the words of Chuck Wendig,

It’s an empty field and you’ve got the keys to a freaking Ferrari.

It’s a white tablecloth and you’ve got ketchup, mustard, and relish.

It’s a blank page and you’ve got all the letters and words you need.

Rev the engine and take the ride. Paint with all the colors the condiments at your table allow. Create whatever robot-human monstrosities your mind cares to conjure. Crack open your chest and plop your heart onto the page.

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