The Princess Bride – A Movie Review

The Princess Bride



The Princess Bride

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There are some movies which makes a person feels good. They spread the joy of the happiness to everyone. The Princess Bride is one such spectacular movie which transports viewers to the world of fairies, princes, and dragon. 

This movie is meant for both children and adults. It starts with a grandfather reading a story to his sick grandson who objects to such a boring activity. But slowly as he and the audience passes through the various nail-biting and exaggerated events of the story, one couldn’t do anything but sigh in happiness. It has humor and that happily ever after dreams weaved together.

I specially adored the name of the characters which made me smile every time their name was taken.  Oh, and I fell in love with Max and his wife. It was hilarious to see the couple with those frazzled hair and chocolate ball cures.

In short, magic of a good movie never fades. This movie was released in 1987. It has a story which can be easily guessed, but then it has presentation and beautiful performances which will compel watch it again and again.