G=Ghosts= Bookish Confession#7

I  am running late this week. I missed Saturday’s post, and there was a big power cut yesterday here. So bear with me as I cover two letters today.

G=Ghosts, and those who know me will never question this choice.

I am not sure I believe in the presence of ghosts or evil spirits. I mean I don’t disagree with their presence, but then I  do not agree with their presence. I just find it so sad. It is more of a business these days, but if it is truth, I do feel pity for the ghosts as well as the people who use them. How can one have such an attachment to anything in this world to be tethered by that?

I  have read about the ghosts who are angry or who are looking for closures or the kind who are just plain evil (Christine!!). And every ghosts, even the helpful and funny ones, get the same reaction from me: of pity. I belong to a culture where it is believed that death is a journey to another lifeform or maybe to God’s abode. Being a ghost and being stagnant when the whole world has moved– isn’t it a deplorable situation?

These remnants, these ghosts fascinate me. When I read a book which has ghost as a character, I am left with a lingering thought to analyze why the ghost would want to stay in the world. Revenge, love, money, evil– all the things seem so puny in terms of the returns of staying in this world. I would rather be free to discover the newer lands rather than staying in this world.

I do relate with the books which showcase ghosts and spirit calling as a prop for sinister motives, but then again my thoughts are there with the people and the unrest which makes them call the spirits. It is just the shadow that follows me throughout the book.

P.S. If you do believe in ghosts or have ever called the spirits, I wish peace be with you. I do not mean to offend your beliefs, but in my opinion, Death is supposed to mark an ending and the beginning. Let your heart be free. Forgive other person, and forgive yourself too. 





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